Holy Grail kit – road shoes (On Cloudflow)

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a fab start to the week and you’ve got through Monday with minimal stress. I wanted to start doing a few kit review posts - however, I want to make sure that these are done after a number of weeks or months using the kit in question. I’m lucky to … Continue reading Holy Grail kit – road shoes (On Cloudflow)

Combatting long run anxiety

So, this morning I woke up at 6.15am and quickly, my stomach got a bit knotty. We’ve all been there - that long run that you’ve been dreading and you’re hopping off to the toilet every 15 minutes because you’re worrying about the distance you have to cover (or is that just me?) I haven’t … Continue reading Combatting long run anxiety

The communication of cancer (my two cents on True Cancer Bodies Campaign)

First of all, before I start this blog post - I’d like to say that I’m no way in the slightest knocking these people who are involved in the True Bodies Campaign. I think they are an incredibly ballsy bunch to strip down to expose the most vulnerable parts of themselves, even more so after … Continue reading The communication of cancer (my two cents on True Cancer Bodies Campaign)

What do you do when the going gets tough? The ‘Pain Cave’

I watched a pretty inspiring documentary on Wednesday, concerning the up and coming ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter. The documentary talks a little about her life and wins she’s accrued in the recent past, and following her running the Tahoe 200 mile ultra. Her story is amazing and her achievements/progress over the past two years is just … Continue reading What do you do when the going gets tough? The ‘Pain Cave’

A week in training: 22-28 April

As I’ve previously written, I’m currently training for a 12km trail race in mid-June. I chose this race as I haven’t raced over 10km since last April, when I did the Sheffield Half Marathon. This training didn’t go to plan, due to the three weeks of basically my whole body playing up, but I still … Continue reading A week in training: 22-28 April

A warm welcome/life currently

Hi there poor, unsuspecting reader, Welcome to Third Run Lucky! So, I’ve decided to start a blog again after three years of silence. And it would be a bit rude of me to not introduce myself and what my current goals are, in the short and long term. And why you should waste your hard-earned … Continue reading A warm welcome/life currently